since you're here ill give it a shot!

MY name is AMBERLEY FAYE. I HOPE THAT ANSWERS THE BURNING QUESTION WHERE THE BUSINESS NAME CAME FROM.I live for golden light & sleepy babies. i'm a lover of iced coffee & my dog (I told ya!) but not just any iced cofee IT HAS TO BE Dunkin' & NOT JUST MY DOG BUT MY 3 CATS. OH AND I CANT FORGET MY KIDS IM PRETTY FOND OF THEM AND YOU CAN BET AT OUR SESSION SOME POINT THERE WILL BE A REFERENCE TO THEM, THEY ARE MY WORLD! I'M A CHRONIC OVERSHARE, EXTROVERTED INTROVERT, I ENJOY PODCASTS AND EARLY MORNINGS, I firmly believe THERE'S NOT MUCH A HOT BATh CAN'T FIX. I'm CONSTANTLY growing, I've never been able to be stagnant. I can do anything i put my mind to. 99% of the time i'm in nike slide, tshirt and shorts at this point its just part of who I am.I'd rather wear a dress than jeans (please don't make me wear them) I'd love to tell you a really touching story about what led me to photography but i DON't have one. i JUST REALLY LIKED TAKING PICTURES OF MY KIDS AND THAT'S HOW IT EVOLVED TO WHAT IT IS NOW. nOW, THOUGH PHOTOGRAPHY FEEDS MY SOUL IT'S SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST PICTURES to me it's memories, fleeting moments you can never get back, connections that last a literal lifetime. I could not imagine doing anything else.